Beard preparation
1) Get a shaving soap
Good lather will keep the whiskers wet and provides enough lubrication to let the blade slide over your skin
2) Use brush and bowl
For building up the lather: swiftly stir up the lather until it become creamy and foamy.
3) Heat it up
Ideally, both your brush and your shaving bowl will be hot. Fill bowl with hot water and let the brush rest in it for a while.
4) Lather up
Apply lather on your beard with firm massaging movements. Let this rest for a short while and begin you shave.
First time with a straight razor

1. Open and close your razor carefully! Make yourself familiar with the feel and weight of it before you even think of shaving with it. Never let it fall.
2. Know that it is very sharp! No need to say much, but be aware that in a moment of unaware movements, You can easily hurt yourself or others
3. Never wash it under water. It will stay between the blade and the scales and causes corrosion. Maximum wash the blade and dry it afterwards.
4. Wipe your blade clean with a towel A good tip is to place a wet towel or cloth on the side of the wash basin to wipe off the lather/ hair from the blade while shaving
5. Dry and protect the razor After the shave clean it, e.g. with a wet cloth and dry it well. Use oil or Vaseline to protect the blade against corrosion.
6. Keep your razor in a dry and safe place First corrosion will start at the tip of the edge and dull it. Please read the article by Robert E. Martin from 1931
Beard preparation II
1. A one hundred shaves It is said you need 100 shave to master the art of shaving. So take it easy, no need to rush.
2. Start with most easy areas First shaves you just shave your cheeks to get used to the movements and knife position and proceed with a Gillette or such. Add every shave more area in the way you feel comfortable.
3. 30 degrees angle The razor should be hold with a 30 degree angle towards the skin and shall never moved in the direction of the blade (cutting direction).
4. 1x with - 1x against Most people shave once with the grain your beard, a second time against the grain with a new layer of lather.
5. Strop before shaving Strop your straight razor prior to shaving between 10-30 times in both directions. (depending on the steel, the leather, technique and current sharpness)
6. Priority #1: Beard preparation The better your pre-shave preparation, the softer the hair, the smaller the impact on the blade and the better will be the shave. Use a lot of warm water such as a hot towel package and good lather.
7. Assess your razor's blade The razor shaves without any complaints - All good! The razor shaves but squeaks or hurts - it needs to be stropped. The razor doesn't squeak or hurt and also doesn't shave - it need to be stropped on paste or honed.
8. Never rush! Better be focused and calm for this. Getting a feeling for handling and condition of your razor takes time. Don't worry! You will learn all about it. Men shaved before the invention of safety razors for thousands of years with blades. You will master it
Straight razor stropping